Improve English skills – Conquer all personal goals

Effective English courses according to PET, KET,… designed by leading English experts. Experience your own progress with a live interactive class.

  • Conquering goals in life and learning goals : Experts will support and help students navigate the learning process and progress on the right path.
  • Build confidence with live classes : Students are inspired to improve their English speaking skills and develop other skills at the same time.
  • Learning in the student’s way : A convenient and flexible course. Students can choose how and when to study through our app and website.

Lively speaking classes with professional teachers help me speak confidently

During class, students will:

  • There is plenty of time to speak and practice English pronunciation with teachers and classmates.
  • Develop communication skills by collaborating on pairs and small group projects.
  • Complete a final project at the end of each module and create a real-world output such as a presentation or blog.
  • Practice the skills you need to score well in international school and university exams.
  • Focuses on real-world topics such as artificial intelligence, video games, safely sourced food, and climate change.

When participating in small classes, students will achieve the best results in the process of learning English because professional teachers will ensure individual attention and support for students.

Learning Center helps me improve

To help students achieve the best results in each lesson, teachers will set up interactive self-study lessons for students on the learning center to complete before and after class. As a result, students can fully prepare before class to focus on improving their English speaking skills:

  • Everyone has their own way of learning, so students will complete self-study at their own pace, thereby building confidence in speaking English and preparing for their future.
  • Tasks specifically designed to develop reading, writing and listening skills
  • Students will use real-world English materials, such as magazine articles, job ads, movie reviews, music podcasts, and sports vlogs to improve their grammar and vocabulary. me
  • A personalized dashboard helps students work on projects and track their progress at any time.

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