Primary Plus

Primary Plus course – help students go further

Primary Plus is a course built by our team of English experts that will help spark students’ imaginations, so they can confidently express themselves beyond their English skills.

With our new course, students will have more rewarding learning experiences, being able to get the most benefit from learning English thanks to a combination of:

  • Live classes with expert teachers.
  • Self Interactive lessons prepared by Teachers – all in one safe and easy-to-use learning hub.

In learning hub, students can have access to their personal dashboard. So that parents can also track their children’s progress and understand their improvement in the studying process.

Practice classes with professional teachers to improve your English speaking skill

Happy students can become confident speakers! There are many reasons why our classes appeal to students:

  • There is plenty of time to practice speaking English and have fun studying with your classmates in groups or in pairs.
  • Because of the small class size, our highly qualified and passionate teachers are able to give more individual attention to each student.
  • Have the opportunity to interact and bond with classmates naturally.

Develop essential life skills for students’ future

Students will also develop leadership, collaboration, and critical thinking skills in a comfortable environment of being themselves. The children will:

  • Work in groups or in pairs to practice speaking, solve problems, and participate in projects and tasks that focus on real-world topics such as the natural world and the environment.
  • Develop adaptability and familiarity with interacting and collaborating with others to prepare for the real-life world.

How learning centers help students improve

Students will study by themselves on our app before and after class. Teachers assign fitting time to students based on their learning speed so that when class time comes, teachers will focus on improving students’ speaking skills accordingly. The center will:

  • Help students improve their English reading, writing, and listening skills with engaging, high-quality online learning resources designed by experts.
  • Keep students motivated with assignments and online activities, including quizzes and games based on real-world themes and fun characters.
  • Create a space for them to deepen their understanding of English as well as improve their grammar and vocabulary
  • Child-friendly and easy to use, so pupils can use the app themselves.
  • Built-in self-assessment feature. As a result, students can be excited to see their progress and consider where further improvement is needed.
  • Help students see the benefits of preparation, giving them more confidence when speaking in class.
  • Help develop good habits and passions for learning English.

Need more advice about the course please contact:
Contact:  028 3830 1636
Address: Representative office of Foreign Affairs Center Vietnamese Dang Quang (212B/1 Nguyen Trai, Nguyen Cu Trinh ward, District 1, HCMC)