About us

Viet Dang Quang (Known as VDQ) Education Co, Ltd was set up at the end of 2016 and officially went into operation in January 2017

In its 05-year of educational purposes, VDQ consists of 03 ultimate missions: Tutoring, teaching English from Native-Speakers, and life-skill training at all levels.

To know us.

We all know that globalization along with the Industrial 4.0 technologies are all over Vietnam, VDQ has always impacted strong, practical, diversified use of English on students of public schools. Besides, having potential opportunities from experienced, licensed teachers who attentively teach students’ life skills and English to present-day society.

Core value 

Students’ practical applications are our mainly educational core values such as evaluative syllabus, enthusiastic teachers with modern teaching methods, and learner-focused approaches.

We are launching The APTIS system from British Council to carefully evaluate both New Comer and relevant teams as ESL Teachers. Moreover, being as wholehearted & enthusiastic and professional lecturers would be our priorities for esteemed development and for our students.

Teaching Method 

As to keep up with modernization in the educational system, we aim for vivid visualization with practical illustrations applied to all learners. These up-to-date curriculums with the addition of keeping track of students’ progress will guarantee that students will achieve the Ministry of Education’s standards.




The company was established.

1/ 2017

English courses with Native Speakers were officially started.


The courses have been evaluated and expanded to over 40 schools in Ho Chi Minh city.


Assign Native Teachers to all school grades from Kindergarten to Highschool.


Life skill courses started.


Conduct both courses to more than 50 schools.


Innovate new teaching and learning methods to keep up with the 4.0 era.


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