STEM (STEM Focused Curriculum)

STEM Education

Through the English Language, we bring new generation application values, precisely with STEM Education applications with 03 groups of strategies in the future.

  1. Building STEM cognitive capacity for future generations.
  2. Preparing necessary skills for the 21st-century workforce.
  3. Applying research developments and innovations in the field of language education.

All Students are welcome at Viet Dang Quang

We are constantly putting our effort to create sociable and friendly classes, helping students to develop themselves with the support of teachers and friends.

Friendly learning environment

All members are welcome at Viet Dang Quang in a friendly environment.

We build a learning environment for students to be themselves and thereby develop their confidence.

Being connected and motivated with a modern learning approach will motivate students and help them to be fully prepared for each session.

Teachers will set up online activities at home for students to complete on their own, and students will learn in a personalized way, helping them to gain confidence and progress.

STEM (STEM Focused Curriculum)

* Focus on integration

* Interact with real-life situations

* Strive for skill development in the 21st Century

* Help students become the best version of themselves

* Systematic and cohesive among a variety of lessons

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