What is the Integrated English Program?

The integrated English program is the innovative program in which students study both languages, English and Vietnamese. Teachers are 100% foreigners with high professional qualifications along with Vietnamese teachers support the students during the lessons.

The integrated English program is currently applied to middle and high school students. This is a program that combines lesson contents from the UK and Vietnam in order to help students practice their English proficiency and use this language fluently like a native. This will encourage them to study in higher education countries including in Canada, USA, Australia, UK…

Integrated English program content:

This is a diverse program consisting of four steps:

a/ Subject integration: The curriculum includes content and topics that are practiced in accordance with reality.
b/ Multi-subjects integration: One topic is discussed in many different subjects
c/ Inter-subjects integration: Studying many subjects for practices, researches, and management when problems encountered.
d/ Cross-subjects integration: Developing practical skills from subjects with common features with the aim of applying them in real life.

How do teachers teach an integrated English program?

Students will study 8 periods/week including math, science, and English with foreign teachers. The integrated English program includes the British high school curriculums and the Vietnamese high school curriculums of the Ministry of Education and Training.

When giving lectures in English, foreign teachers will guide students to practice their language skills through creativity, demonstration, and debate.

During school, not only if the students want to ask a question or do not understand the lesson when the native teacher gives a lecture, the Vietnamese teacher will explain in Vietnamese so that the students can understand the problem. But also students and parents are completely assured when teachers reduce the content of the subjects so that students study more comfortably.

Conditions for studying the integrated English program:

Depending on the grade level, the schools will consider whether the students can follow the integrated English program or not. Students from grades 1 to 6 who want to learn an integrated English program must register with the schools. After that, they will summarize the number of students who want to study and submit a registrants list to the Education Department to organize an entrance exam for students who are eligible and qualified.

Students in grade 10 are required to have 6 points or more in Advance English in grade 9 or have a B certificate in English and over. If not, students need to have international certificates such as Cambridge PET Certificate achieved from  70/100 or FCE of 45/100 and above or TOEFL Junior Certificate from 785/900 or any equivalent English certificates.

Tuition fees for the integrated English program:

According to the People’s Committee, the Department of Education will set a tuition fee for students in grades 1 and 6 when studying an integrated English program of 3,600,000 VND/student/month with 8 hours/week, 100% foreign teachers. From 2017-2018, students from grades 2 to 5 and from grades 7 to 9 will pay a tuition fee of 3,300,000 VND/student/month, 8 hours/week, 100% foreign teachers.