Langmaster EduTech Group’s 7-year journey has marked the milestones of development and growth through multiple troubles. We are proud of the values ​​we have brought to the community and the courage to go through countless challenges.
The 7th anniversary of Langmaster EduTech Group: Proud & Brave on November 24 is an opportunity for us to look back on the past journey, the contributions recognized by the community, and look forward to new successes in the future. The program brought a range of emotions and was honored to receive the participation and congratulations of the guests.
Thank you to all of our teammates who have been with us over the years. Thank you to our customers, partners, and friends for always trusting and supporting us.
We are proud of the values ​​we have created together and believe in the way forward.
Let’s once again take a look at the past impressions and impressive moments!

Before 16:00, the final preparations were completed to give each participant the most special impression.